There have always been many myths about coffee and caffeine. For a long time, coffee was considered to be a disease-maker, partly because of its high caffeine content. Today, the positive properties of coffee are increasingly coming to the fore. But what is true? Is caffeine a poison that makes us sick? Or is coffee consumption in moderation perhaps even healthy? We have compiled the most important information for you.
Summer is here! Finally, the time has come when we enjoy our coffee on ice instead of hot as usual. We have put together three refreshing iced coffee recipes for you that will get you through the hot days in style. If you fancy a cool down... this way please!
More and more people are opting for milk alternatives in their coffee. And for a wide variety of reasons: Animal love, environmental protection and their own health are just a few of them. The alternative: plant-based drinks. We have 7 milk alternatives at a glance for you.

We're all the same: we've never spent so much time at home. Sometimes it's hard to find good reasons to peel yourself out of your sweatpants. BUT, let's make the best of it together. We support you with 7 tips for the perfect coffee at home.

Everyone is always talking about Third Wave Coffee, but what does the term actually mean? And if it's Third Wave coffee, where did Wave 1 and 2 go? Did I miss something? Does Playground Coffee actually count as Third Wave Coffee and if so, is that good or bad?

We love filter coffee! And not just because filter coffee, lovingly brewed with a fancy hand filter, has celebrated its comeback in Germany in recent years. Good filter coffee is simply delicious. Especially when it's made with freshly roasted and freshly ground beans.