7 tips for the perfect coffee in the home office

We're probably all feeling the same way at the moment: we've never spent so much time at home. We spend our free time: at home. We work from: home. Wife, husband, kids, animals, all: at home. All the time, all the time. Every day feels close to the same and sometimes it's hard to find good reasons to peel yourself out of your sweatpants. BUT: Let's try to make the best of it together. Let's celebrate and enjoy the little moments. We've got your back with 7 tips for the perfect home office coffee.

Tip 1: Water

It's hard to believe, but the quality of the water you use for your coffee plays a big role. Here in Hamburg, the water quality is actually quite good and not particularly calcareous, but in some other cities it looks unfortunately different. And especially in rented flats you never know exactly about the quality of the pipes through which the tap water flows. Therefore our tip: use filtered water for your coffee in the home office. You can get hold of water filters quite inexpensively, which is quite sufficient and quickly ensures even better coffee enjoyment!

Tip 2: Variety

Bring variety into play, because drinking coffee is not just drinking coffee. Try it out - starting with the beans, to the milk or milk alternative, to the preparation method. There are endless ways to prepare your coffee, many different beans and the shelf with milk alternatives in the supermarket is getting more and more crowded. Our personal favorite is the oat milk, it can be foamed super and is mild and not too intrusive in taste. But we are also always trying out new products and like to be surprised.


Tip 3: Freshly ground coffee

There's nothing like the smell of freshly ground coffee! If you love it as much as we do, treat yourself to it more often. Plus, your coffee will stay fresher longer if you buy it whole bean and not already ground. Grind your beans by hand or with an electric coffee grinder, and each cup will have a different value and you can take a little time out from your busy life at the same time.


Tip 4: Coffee grind

The grind plays a crucial role in coffee preparation. If you feel that your coffee tastes too strong or bitter, the grind is probably set too fine. If the grind is too coarse, the coffee will taste watery and rather acidic. Of course, everything is always a matter of taste, but here are a few guidelines that can help you on the way to your own personal, perfect grind setting.

Very fine grind: espresso machine

Fine grind: espresso maker (e.g. Bialetti)

Medium grind: hand filter, coffee maker, Chemex, Aeropress

Coarse grind: Stamp pot/ French Press, Cold Brew


Tip 5: Coffee dosage

For a really good coffee, the ratio between the amount of water and the coffee powder is perfect. The espresso maker (e.g. Bialetti) makes it easiest for you, it does the work for you: here you fill the sieve to the brim with freshly ground coffee powder... done. For all other types of preparation, we use a scale for optimal coffee dosage. 

Coffee: 250ml water, 15g coffee

Espresso: 36ml water, 19g coffee

By the way, on our packaging you will find our recommendation for the perfect dosage for each coffee and espresso. But again: it's all a question of taste! Try it out and slowly find the perfect coffee recipe for you. If you would like to know more about dosing, take a look here.


Tip 6: Coffee storage

Coffee beans don't go bad, but they do lose their aroma over time. That's why it's important to store your coffee well. The beans do best in a dry, dark and cool place. The aroma valve in our packaging ensures that no air from outside gets to your beans, but CO2 can still escape. Thanks to the valve, you can store your beans for 6-8 weeks without much loss of flavour. Ground coffee should be used within 4 weeks. 


Tip 7: Coffee temperature

When coffee powder is poured over water that is too hot or too cold, you are quickly dissatisfied with the result. The coffee tastes too bitter, too sour, too strong or too weak. Definitely something with too... For the perfect coffee in your home office, the brewing temperature should be around 95-96 degrees. By the way, on our packaging you will find our recommendation for the perfect brewing temperature for each coffee and espresso.

Now..: Grind the beans, make the coffee and get to your home office desk. Hang in there, we're thinking of you!