Playground Coffee. Since 2014, we have been roasting our coffee in Hamburg with love and passion. What started with a small counter in a friendly burger restaurant has become our biggest heart project - and we can proudly say that Playground Coffee is now one of the best roasters in Europe.

In our café in Hamburg St. Pauli, we provide numerous guests with our freshly brewed coffee specialties day after day. We love to see that you like it and appreciate our work and our heart and soul... Thank you for that!


The Playground Mission

From the beginning, our goal was to turn a mass-produced item into a quality product that is accessible to everyone and simply fun to drink. In addition to our individually designed packaging, our focus is of course particularly on its contents: hand-picked coffee from farms around the world, which we then roast here on site on the rugged Elbe coast of Hamburg. Our focus is always on long-term and sustainable cooperation with the farmers, importers and suppliers.


Our claim

Playground coffee is sustainably and fairly produced, varied and very, very tasty. The love of coffee and the quality of the product are what set us apart and are in every single cup. We see ourselves on a par with the best roasters in Europe and are very happy about the consistently positive feedback we have received over the past years.

Playground: A playground. Not just for us. But for all Frahling lovers. To discover new flavour profiles, learn more about coffee or simply enjoy it.

Meanwhile there are even limited Playground Coffee collections for you and your home. A small fashion label with t-shirts, sweaters and scarves has been created and we are about to launch more beautiful designs for you. Also our Playground Posters are growing, so there is something for everyone.

If you have any questions, we are always at your disposal. Come for a coffee in our shop in Hamburg St. Pauli or send us an email, we are looking forward to it!


Our team


CEO, Barista, Coffee Roaster, Photographer, Private Investigator, Hobby Director

Had the idea for Playground and was crazy enough to implement it, likes to annoy people and dogs, but also dog people. Always has new ideas, where Matze has to stop him, is creative but chaotic, is often outdoors in nature, often and gladly sleeps in the bus, but also in the sleeping bag outdoors, annoys Fredo the dog and is annoyed by Fredo the dog.



Coffee roaster, barista, back office, bass player, all-rounder

Child of two people and father of two children, right and left hand and head of Veljko, can do everything and does everything, but can also never say no, was in film for 100 years and goes on vacation every year in the same place, you can only like him.



Barista, stockist, decorator, draughtsman

Has the same name as his father, makes great music, grinds great comics and coffee, collects everything that has to do with comics and action figures, also likes to be in nature. Irony is his middle name, likes cats.

Fair trade coffee

Roasted with love

Quickly shipped