What is Third Wave Coffee, anyway?

Everyone is always talking about Third Wave Coffee, but what does the term actually mean? What kind of coffee is it? And if it's Third Wave coffee, where did Wave 1 and Wave 2 go? Did I miss something? Does Playground Coffee actually count as Third Wave Coffee and if so, is that good or bad?

Questions upon questions... the main answers first: yes. Playground Coffee also refers to itself as Third Wave Coffee. And again, yes, it's a good thing!

For those who can stand a little more info, we'll explain succinctly what Third Wave Coffee is all about.

The term Third Wave Coffee originates from the USA and describes the three different currents of coffee consumption.

The history of coffee

The history of coffee goes way back to the 9th century. At the beginning of the 17th century, coffee is said to have been brought to Europe for the first time. At that time, coffee was an absolute luxury good - the black gold - and was only consumed by the upper class in noble coffee houses. 

First Wave - The first coffee wave

At the beginning of the 19th century, coffee then became the German national drink and moved into households. Freshly ground coffee, which was individually weighed in small shops, lovingly packaged and sold, had suddenly become a mass product that was available in every supermarket for little money. Not surprisingly, coffee quickly lost quality and value and was hardly perceived as a product for enjoyment.


Second Wave - The second coffee wave

The second wave of coffee consumption was hardly noticed in Germany. Here, people bought coffee because of its good name. Few people were interested in the country the beans came from or how they were roasted. In the USA, on the other hand, from the mid-60s onwards, the quality of the coffee became increasingly important. High-quality Arabica beans were made suitable for mass consumption, the first high-quality espresso drinks were prepared and the first large coffee companies were set up.


Third Wave - The third coffee wave

Then, in Norway, the third wave of coffee was unleashed in the 80s: Third Wave Coffee. It's about celebrating and enjoying good coffee. To make coffee again what it used to be: a luxury food. Through traditional and alternative preparation methods, such as the hand filter or the stamp pot / French Press, coffee is regaining its value.

A mass-produced item becomes a quality product again. Third Wave Coffee focuses on hand-picked coffee from farms around the world. The focus is on long-term, fair and sustainable cooperation with all farmers, importers and suppliers involved. 

Being able to enjoy your high-quality coffee with a clear conscience, that's what it's all about. And when it's lovingly prepared by hand, it tastes even better.