The stamp pot, also called French Press, has been very popular for a long time. With it you can easily, quickly and easily prepare good coffee . The advantages: you do not need paper filters, the pot is cheap to buy, easy to use and can be cleaned quickly.

If there's one thing we have enough of at our café in Hamburg St. Pauli, it's coffee grounds. It contains many nutrients that can support us in the kitchen, in the garden or even in body care. But how exactly does it work? We've tried a few things. Here are our top 7 ways to utilize coffee grounds! 

The grind plays a crucial role in coffee preparation. If you feel that your coffee tastes too strong or bitter, the grind is probably set too fine. If the grind is too coarse, the coffee will taste watery and more acidic. 

For a really good coffee, the ratio between the amount of water and the coffee powder is perfect. The espresso maker, also called a stove-top maker, makes it easiest for you: here you fill the sieve to the brim with freshly ground coffee powder... done. For all other types of preparation, we use a scale for optimal dosing.