7 ways to recycle coffee grounds

So if there's one thing we have enough of in our café in Hamburg St. Pauli, it's coffee grounds. Because with every espresso shot that runs through our portafilter machine and every filter coffee that we brew, it's coffee grounds. Piles of it.  

Logically, we have often thought about what we could do with the waste, which is actually not waste at all. One thing quickly became clear to us: we can definitely reuse our coffee grounds in a variety of areas. It contains many nutrients and can therefore be used in the kitchen, in the garden or even for body care. 

We have already tried a few things with coffee grounds. Some things work better, some not so good. But our top 7 ways to recycle coffee grounds, we have compiled here for you. 


Very important: Dry and store coffee grounds correctly

No matter what you want to do with coffee grounds, you have to dry them first, otherwise they will quickly start to mold. Simply spread the coffee grounds on a large plate, a wooden board or a baking tray and let them air dry for a few hours. Done.

After that, you can store it in a storage jar or tin and use it anytime for beautiful coffee grounds DIY ideas.


Tip 1: Coffee grounds peeling

The ground coffee particles in the coffee grounds have an abrasive effect, which makes them the optimal helper for skin care. In addition, the caffeine contained is very beneficial for the skin. It stimulates the blood circulation and has a draining effect, which tightens the skin. And so you can easily make a DIY coffee scrub from coffee grounds:

2 tablespoons coffee grounds

1 tablespoon coconut oil

1 tsp sugar

Mix all the ingredients and pour the finished scrub in a jar with a screw cap.

The best way to apply it is during the shower on the already wet skin, massage, rinse, ready. Especially in the morning the perfect freshness kick. Because caffeine not only invigorates the body and mind when drinking coffee, but in this case also stimulates the blood circulation of the skin. The coffee grounds peeling also cleanses the pores and helps against skin impurities. 


Tip 2: Coffee grounds fertilizer

Your balcony plants and flowers in the garden will definitely appreciate the extra nutrients! Coffee grounds contain potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen, which makes them a perfect fertilizer. Simply mix a handful of dried coffee grounds into the soil. Houseplants have lower nutrient needs, so be careful with fertilizing them or switch to an alternative: Water them once a month with cold coffee, which is good for them, but not too much of a good thing.


Tip 3: Coffee grounds against wasps and mosquitoes

What you need: a fireproof container, some coffee grounds and annoying wasps and mosquitoes. Pour the coffee grounds into your fireproof bowl and light it. The smell and smoke will drive away wasps and mosquitoes. Be careful not to sit too close to the action or you'll drive yourself away with the fumes. 


Tip 4: Coffee grounds for cleaning baking trays, pots and pans

What you need: coffee grounds, a damp sponge and a crusty baking tray. The coffee grounds act almost like sandpaper: just put a bit of coffee grounds on the damp sponge, scrub away encrustations, done. Works 1A.


Tip 5: Coffee grounds against odours

Coffee grounds are a real all-rounder, they can do virtually everything. Coffee grounds not only smells fantastic itself, but also has the property to bind bad odors and thus provides fresher air. Works great in the fridge, in the car or on the toilet. Onion or garlic smell on your hands? Soon no more. From now on, simply rub your hands for a minute with coffee grounds and the smell is gone.


Tip 6: Coffee grounds hair treatment

The beauty industry has long discovered caffeine for itself: there are countless care products and shampoos that contain caffeine. Coffee grounds contain antioxidants that can stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair. Works even without expensive products!

Simply massage a handful of coffee grounds into your wet hair every month, leave in and rinse out. Your hair will not only smell good, but also feel strengthened.


Tip 7: Coffee grounds as a helper in the garden

The caffeine in coffee grounds does not taste good to many animals and drives them away. For example, snails, ants and aphids. Simply sprinkle some coffee grounds around the affected areas to gently keep them away. Plants that are infested with aphids can simply be sprayed with cold coffee and the problem will solve itself. Unlike pests, earthworms love the smell of coffee grounds and are attracted to them. So if you have a compost pile in your yard, fertilize it with coffee grounds. You can never have enough earthworms in there, they loosen up the soil and thus ensure a perfect oxygen supply.


So, have you acquired a taste for coffee grounds?

If you don't drink coffee yourself, but would like to try one of our 7 ways to recycle coffee grounds, just come by Playground Coffee on St. Pauli and pick up a portion of coffee grounds. We are looking forward to seeing you!