3 refreshing iced coffee recipes for hot summer days

Summer is here! The time has finally come when we can enjoy our coffee on ice instead of the usual cosy warmth. We have put together three refreshing iced coffee recipes for you that will definitely get you through the hot days. If you feel like cooling down... please follow this way!


1. iced coffee at home - Simple and refreshing

The easiest way to make an iced coffee at home is to brew your Playground coffee or espresso as usual and let it cool down a bit. Fill a glass with three ice cubes and add your coffee. For those who like it straight: that's it! Otherwise, simply foam up some oat milk (or the milk of your choice) and refine your ice-cold refreshment with it. Simple, but good!


2nd Iced Coffee - The Deluxe "Affogato" Variation

The perfect dessert on hot summer days: iced coffee with vanilla ice cream! 100% refreshing, creamy, sweet and delicious! And this is how you prepare the iced coffee: Brew your Playground Espresso as usual and let it cool down. Put a large scoop of vanilla ice cream in a glass, pour the cooled espresso over the ice cream and serve immediately. A perfect match! 


3. the coffee ice cube variant

A real eye-catcher! Boil your Playground coffee or espresso as usual and let it cool down completely. Now pour the coffee into an ice cube mould and freeze it overnight. The next morning, froth up some oat milk and pour it over 3 coffee ice cubes that are already waiting eagerly in the glass.

Of course, you can also make ice cubes from oat, almond or coconut milk and add them to your cooled coffee.

No matter how you do it: wait a little while before eating, so that the coffee and milk can mix well and you get a perfect iced coffee result.

Have a great summer and enjoy!

P.S.: At our café in Hamburg St. Pauli, all drinks are of course available iced on request on hot days. Feel free to come around, we look forward to seeing you!