Camping coffee: The easiest way to prepare outdoor coffee

The next time you're on a day trip to the countryside and don't feel like lugging around a lot of coffee equipment, or you're in the home office and need to get things done quickly and don't have time for a lot of frills, try camping coffee: the easiest way to make coffee.

Coffee: Simple and fast

We show you the most relaxed and fastest way to brew your coffee, which is also very very tasty. Perfect for outdoor trips in the nature! 

What you need: coffee powder, a cup and hot water. Done.

No filter, filter paper, coffee maker, French press or anything like that. You really only need these three things. 

The cowboy among coffees

When we tell guests about our Camping Coffee, or Cowboy Coffee, we usually hear, "What? Why didn't I know you could brew coffee that easily?" followed closely by the all-important question, "And THAT tastes good???" That much up front: yes, it tastes good. But from the top:


Here is the camping coffee recipe 

For the easiest coffee in the world, pour 15g of ground coffee into a cup, pour 250ml of hot but no longer boiling water over it, let it brew for at least 4 minutes and then drink it as soon as the temperature allows.


You might think that you have coffee powder in your mouth the whole time you drink it and that it's somehow unpleasant or even tastes disgusting. That is the fear of most people. But far from it. The coffee powder settles perfectly at the bottom of the coffee cup and until shortly before the end, you don't even notice that there is more in the cup than your delicious, freshly brewed coffee. You simply leave the last sip, including the powder, in the cup.

Recycling coffee grounds

Outdoors in nature, the plants are happy about the coffee grounds - it serves as a great fertilizer. At home you can do a few other cool things with coffee grounds. What exactly you can do with the remains of your coffee, we have summarized here for you.

Camping Coffee - For us the easiest, fastest and really a very very tasty way to make coffee... not just for cowboys.

Have you ever tried it? Always with your experiences, we are happy!