Trinity Zero coffee maker - different colors

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Trinity Zero coffee maker 

The Trinity ZeroPress is a patented coffee press designed for a single goal: to be the lightest and most ultraportable coffee press.

Trinity's fine little coffee maker is the ultimate companion for adventure seekers and avid coffee lovers. Designed with innovation and wanderlust in mind, this compact and durable coffee press is a revolution for those who crave the rich aroma and taste of freshly brewed coffee while hiking in the great outdoors.

The ZeroPress is made of lightweight, BPA-free polymer materials and is designed to withstand the rigors of hiking trails and globetrotting. Its sleek design features efficient heat conduction properties that prevent heat loss while brewing anywhere from home to the highest peaks.

The ingenious pump mechanism, combined with a micro-filter system, guarantees a clean cup without a paper filter. Zero Press - Zero Waste! The press disassembles for effortless cleaning wherever you are.

The coffee press is available in black and white.

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