Moccamaster filter paper No.1

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The Moccamaster No. 1 filter paper ensures optimal filtering of your coffee. With this high quality filter paper you can be sure that every drop of your favorite beverage offers the best possible taste.

A particular advantage of Moccamaster filter paper is its environmentally friendly, oxygen-based production. It is gently bleached and thus contributes to the protection of our environment. You can enjoy your coffee and at the same time contribute to the protection of our natural resources.

The filter paper has been specially designed for use with the Cup-One models, ensuring a perfect fit and optimum filter performance. In one package there are a total of 80 pieces, so you have a long time with the full enjoyment before you need refills.

We are convinced that you will achieve the best possible filtration of your coffee with the Moccamaster filter paper No. 1. You can look forward to a full-bodied aroma and an intense taste experience.

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