Moccamaster filter paper No. 4

4,90 €
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Filter paper for a perfect coffee experience

The coffee filters are specially made for the beautiful Moccamaster coffee machine, but can of course also be used for all other filter machines.
The Moccamaster filter paper ensures perfect development of the aroma.
The filter paper has the size No. 4 and was bleached on oxygen basis environmentally friendly. The Dutch company Moccamaster only uses paper from responsible sources which is FSC® certified.

Moonwalker Espresso

Roasted in Hamburg, Germany, the dark chocolate Moonwalker Espresso takes you to galaxies far, far away.

As 250 gram and 1 kilo variant. Coffee ground or whole bean? It's up to you!

Moonwalker is not only available as a delicious espresso blend, but also as a T-shirt. Discover with us "The Dark Side of St. Pauli".

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El Mariachi filter coffee

Peace, joy, freedom! This filter coffee ensures a jolly mood in your coffee cup. Wild trumpets and rousing guitar sounds included. Hossa!

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El Mariachi - The Mexican coffee in the Playground universe impresses with its fruity aromas of cherry and melon with a hint of toffee.

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