Hario V60 Paper Filter 02

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The Hario V60 paper filters are ideal for use with our Hario V60 Colour Edition porcelain filters .

The particularly tasteless and fine-pored filter paper allows the aromatic substances to pass through unhindered.

Fun fact: The "V" in the name stands for the cone shape, the "60" for the degree of the angle of inclination. Due to this special shape and the large opening in the base, the flow is not impeded and the coffee can flow evenly into your cup.

For the best brewing results, the water should be filtered and the paper filter itself should be rinsed with hot water.

Hario V60 paper filters are produced in Japan and in the Netherlands. By manufacturing in the Netherlands, the transport distances are kept short and a sustainable, cheaper delivery is possible in contrast to the qualitatively equivalent version from Japan.

Don't forget the coffee!

And how about the right coffee for your new paper filters? For good beans, please come this way!


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