Hario V60 hand filter "Colour Edition" - various colours

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Playground Coffee Hario V60 Hand Filter

The Hario V60 hand filter is used in almost all specialty coffee shops worldwide. Get it for your home too! Available in blue, pink, dark green, purple, turquoise blue, turquoise green and yellow in attractive gift box with 40 pcs. Filter paper enclosed. 

The Hario V60 hand filter is a further development of the classic porcelain hand filter. Thanks to the large opening in the bottom of the filter, the brewing time can be controlled by the degree of grinding of the coffee, as well as by the infusion technique. The rotationally symmetrical cone shape of the filter allows for an even brewing process, which in turn allows the taste of the brewed coffee to be specifically influenced. The distinctive curved ribs on the inside of the hand filter efficiently keep the filter paper away from the wall.

The Hario V60 Hand Filter/ Coffee Dripper is suitable for users who prefer a clear aroma profile with a light body without coffee grounds in the brewing result.

We also have the Hario V60 Heat Retaining Server for you in our shop. A vacuumed, double-walled thermos that keeps your freshly brewed coffee specialties hot longer. It was specially designed for the Hario V60 hand filter.

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