Filter Coffee Gift Box

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Our filter coffee gift box!

The perfect gift for those who already have everything, don't really want to give themselves anything, don't know whether L will be too big or M too small, have no talent for DIY, but... love really good coffee!

Our filter coffee gift box holds 4 different varieties á 250g 100% Arabica ready for you, 1x Guji, 1x King Kongo, 1x Sunsetter & 1x Serpiente. So it's never boring in any case! Available as whole bean, ground for hand filter or Moccamaster, Aeropress, Frenchpress or Chemex.

And here are our 4 filter coffee candidates:


The sweet and berry monster has awoken. A fruity filter coffee with notes of strawberries and raspberries. 

King Congo

Spicy, chocolaty, strong, the king among filter coffees.


Red berry jam with a dash of yellow peach, combined with delicate milk chocolate notes.


A complex coffee with sweet and fruity notes of vanilla, chocolate and strawberries.



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