Bialetti New Venus - blue

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The Bialetti classic in a new guise

The Bialetti New Venus - now in a new design! But still uncomplicated to use. With this popular espresso maker from the traditional company Bialetti, you can make really good espresso quickly and easily.

The walls of the new boiler have been reinforced by 20%, so that they now provide even more safety and quality in the cup. The new anti-slip plastic handle is ergonomic and non-slip.

Due to the processing, the stove is safely protected from oxidation and rust. The Bialetti logo is embossed in the centre.

Bialetti New Venus Sizes

We have three different sizes of the Bialetti New Venus on offer: the 2-cup model, the 4-cup model and the 4-cup model. Model for 6 cups freshly brewed espresso.

Please note: the small Bialetti version is not suitable for induction cookers.  But Bialetti wouldn't be Bialetti if they didn't have a solution for this. The right Adapter plateIn order to be able to use your stove cooker also on the induction stove, we have of course also for you in the shop.

  • Material: Steel
  • Colour: Blue
  • Capacity: 2 cups / 4 cups / 6 cups

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