AeroPress Go Coffee Maker

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AeroPress Go Coffee Maker

The manual coffee maker for the perfect cup of filter coffee. The AeroPress Go Hand press is the further development of the popular AeroPress coffee makerwhich you can also find in our shop. 

In addition to the AeroPress, the AeroPress Go now comes with a mug that serves as a transport container. The brewing flask has been shrunk a bit so that everything fits comfortably in the cup. You close the whole thing with a silicone lid.

During brewing, you can use the lid as an anti-slip base.

Logical: the coffee from the AeroPress Go tastes just as good as from the popular AeroPress. 

Included in the set:

  • the AeroPress Go
  • 350 paper filters
  • Filter holder
  • Mug
  • Coffee measuring spoon
  • folding stirrer
  • Silicone lid

The ideal coffee preparation for travel, day trips and holidays:

  • easy handling
  • maximum aroma
  • easy to clean

Do not forget coffee beans

The best thing to do is to order the right beans for your new Aeropress. How about our monster fruit bomb? Here you go to our berry Gujira filter coffee.

The associated Replacement filter we also have in the program.

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