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A good kitchen scale is a useful tool in any kitchen. With the Uni precision scale you get a valuable and versatile helper in the kitchen, which is not only very practical, but also looks good. You can use it to weigh coffee beans for pour-over coffee or to weigh ingredients when baking.

The Uni Precision Scale is also convenient to take with you to the cottage, on the hike or in the mountains, so you can brew a good cup of coffee wherever you are.

The digital kitchen scale is an improved version with an optimized rechargeable battery with USB-C charging cable, timer function and new accessories.

Precision The kitchen scale is a precision device with an accuracy of 0.1 grams. It provides perfect monitoring when you weigh spices, coffee or other ingredients. The precision varies depending on the weight of the food.

Units of measurement On the Uni precision scale you can choose between the units of measurement gram (g) and ounce (oz.). Simply press and hold the scale icon for three seconds. This feature makes it easier to use recipes that use the British units of measurement.

The scale can be connected to the Wilfa Svart app via Bluetooth. The app shows you the perfect mix ratio between coffee and water down to the very last drop. You'll also find helpful tips, tricks and a guide on how to make the perfect coffee.

The accuracy of the scale may be affected by a sudden rise in temperature. Therefore, we recommend using the included silicone mat on the weight when you brew coffee or weigh a hot liquid on the scale.

The Uni Precision Scale can be easily zeroed after placing a container on the scale. This way you can weigh the extra ingredient or an added amount. This is also called the tare function.

A good brew weight is important if you want to brew a good coffee, and the Uni Precision Scale has a handy timer function that allows you to keep track of the time while brewing the coffee. This allows you to brew a perfect pour-over coffee every time.

Charging with USB-C: A charger is included. The battery has a runtime of about 20 hours when fully charged, and the charging time is about 2 hours.

The scale will automatically turn off if it has not been in use for 10 minutes.

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