Timemore Kettle Electric Kettle Fish Smart

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Timemore kettle Electric Kettle Fish Smart 

    The Fish Smart kettle from Timemore not only impresses with its elegant design, but is also perfect for brewing coffee or tea.

    The Timemore kettle heats 500 ml of water to 90 degrees in about 3 minutes. You can simply swipe across the screen to adjust the temperature. The display is clear and easy to read. No buttons, no switches!

    The Timemore Fish Smart kettle is very constant thanks to its patented spout and flow system. This ensures a vertical uninterrupted flow of 90 °. And therefore no delay in starting and stopping.

    In addition, Timemore kettle is very accurate in boiling water using temperature controller with Timemore STRIX technology. In this way, it ensures an accuracy of 1℃.

    LED touch screen display is very intuitive. Moreover, the ergonomic design, quality and smart functions make this kettle both smart and beautiful.

    • Material: stainless steel boiler
    • Capacity: 700ml
    • Color: Matte black
    • Features: Bluetooth-enabled for app use, LED display, Fast heat-up and temperature control through STRIX technology, Temperature accuracy of 1℃, Ergonomically designed handle.

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