Comandante C40 MK4 Nitro Blade Coffee Grinder Alpine Lagoon

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Comandante coffee grinder

The Comandante C40 MK 4 Nitro is one of the best coffee grinders on the market. With her no Compromises made in terms of quality, design and performance.

Thanks to its 35 gradations in the grind, you can grind your beans fine for the perfect espresso or just as well coarse for your French Press or a delicious Cold Brew. With the Comandante hand grinder, anything is possible!

  • High quality hand mill with different gradations

  • Two collection containers: 1x made of glass, 1x made of heavy-duty plastic

  • Precise grinding for finest espresso as well as for coarser filter coffee grinds

  • pleasantly smooth operation due to double ball bearing mounted grinding mechanism

  • Color: Alpine Lagoon

  • Made in Germany

    Do not forget coffee beans

    The best thing is to order the matching beans for your new Comandante hand grinder right away. How about our newest filter coffee in the Playground universe? Click here for our chocolatey, berry Santa Rosa filter coffee.

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